Moving Checklist

It can be very overwhelming making sure everything runs smooth on moving day. Use this checklist to help keep everything in order:

  • Once everything is moved out, do a sweep of all closets, cupboards, basement, and attic spaces to make sure nothing is forgotten.
  • Put a note on the doors at the new house stating which room it is. Label boxes so the moving crew know which room to put them in.
  • Be sure to mark boxes with breakable items as “fragile”.
  • Consider holding a yard sale or donating to charity old or unwanted items to avoid cluttering your new home.
  • If moving into a new district, be sure to register your kids for school.
  • Call all your current utility companies to schedule termination of service and call all your new utility companies to schedule activation of new service. Services to include could be gas, electric, water, trash, cable and internet, lawn service, and alarm company.
  • Notify your post office of the change of address. You’ll also have to change your billing address on all credit cards and notify your bank, healthcare provider and health insurance company, get a new driver’s license and passport, and don’t forget your friends and family!
  • Unpack your everyday essentials first. Things like toiletries, a few days worth of clothes, dishes, bedding, and electronics chargers.
  • Leaving pets or small children with a sitter on moving day can give you one less worry on an already busy day.